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Soul Collector

Leviathan and Freyja come from two different backgrounds, but they both come to the biggest city in the region. They are searching for an answer that will change their lives for the better. One that will require some intense soul-searching—literally. When Freyja unexpectedly obtains her first soul, one that is not her own, she knows this is the answer. With Freyja’s magical abilities, that are anything but blessed, she is able to handle the souls she finds. All the while Leviathan seeks Freyja for answers of his own, and she gives him a “medication” that makes everything better—for the time being. They find themselves as unlikely companions on a journey back to Freyja’s home. One where Freyja manipulates everything in her path, and Leviathan finds himself as a piece of it all.

This novel is the beginning of a series. The first novel in the Soul Collector series is completed but seeking representation, but the following is currently under development.

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