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My name is Jennifer Riegel

I'm an author, adventurer, introvert, teacher, Christian, dog mom, and wife. I love to enjoy life by immersing myself in what I love: Being with my loved ones, embracing my passions, and experiencing new adventures. 

While I am up for any new adventure, I love being home with my husband and my two dogs, Kilo and Arby. Kilo is a Border Collie, and Arby is a Bernese Mountain Dog/Aussie Mix. Spending time with them is just one way to bring me joy. I spend the rest of my time in my passions. I love to express myself in any creative way possible, and one of my favorite ways is in creative writing. I discovered my passion for the written word when I was 17. Ever since then, I have been spending my time creating novels, working, and furthering my education. 

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